1073 1st Ave
New York, NY 10022-2201

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Without a doubt we moved into 1073 last year, and we experienced bed bugs. We moved from Philadelphia and had never experienced them before, however we woke up with bites all over us. In an effort to get rid of them we cleaned the sheets and pillows, got a new mattress and a mattress protector. However a year later we fear the bed bugs are bag as we woke up with bite marks all over us

Rented apartment #24. About a year later started to get bit a lot. Later was able to find multiple bugs (must have been a lot of them, because I read they are hard to find). MGMT company paid for spraying and then spray again in 2 weeks (real pain the butt to move stuff around such a small apartment I was sharing). They just sprayed my apartment, not the entire building. Still think they were around afterwards. Heard about quite a few cases on upper levels. One claim was that a tenant had

exterminators spray multiple times (5?) and still had the bugs. After doing everything else, he started to sand down his floors to get at them. I moved out and left most of my furniture. Left my cloths in my parents garage over the winter in airtight bags. No problems at the new place.

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