322 E 59th St
New York, NY 10022-1513

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There was a bed bug infestation in this building, in my apartment which came from a huge infestation from another apartment, and this infected many of the apartments. The management wasnt very good about it, just expected me to live out of my bags for couple of months and wouldnt do anything except have this guy come in and spray some liquids next to my couch and bed. horrible experience. no remedies from management. didnt even let me know if it was all gone, i had to take care of it myself in m

y apartment every day to make sure that i didnt see any anymore. but i was never given an update as to what happened to where the infestation began, next door, if its gone or what. And this was in different floors, so be careful in this building. it was so bad that the original bar downstairs moved away.

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Just moved into the apartment on a thursday and found bed bugs all over the apartment by the time I returned from a wedding Monday night. The lease had said the building had been treated and the super swears I must have brought them with me but considering the level of infestation in the short amount of time and how I moved from a house out in Connecticut even the pest control people said there is no way it wasn't here before I moved in. Additionally the super said that only one apar

tment had bed bugs but judging by the responses on here that is clearly not the case. I know they are doing on going treatments in the building but they probably need to do something a bit more hardcore to deal with this properly. Hopefully the treatments work because this is just embarrassing and extremely frustrating.

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Lived there until last summer. Terrible bedbug infestation, building management never thoroughly took care of the problem.

Bed bugs in the whole building out of 10 tenants, only 1 remains

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