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Found two bed bugs in my apartment during the third week of August. I originally thought they were ticks and did not report them. One week later, after some online research, I called the building to report them. The super came to check out the apartment immediately and said he could not report bed bugs unless I could produce proof. But he offered to tell the building mgmt and see what they would do. Building mgmt contacted me and said they scheduled a pest control appt. I stayed home from w

ork for the appt and no one showed. I immediately called mgmt and the super and reported the no show. I heard nothing in response. One week later, I found 2 more bed bugs and caught them. I immediately called the mgmt and the super again this time saying I had proof. One week later, they came thru the building with a bed bug dog. One week after that, they scheduled the first extermination appt but failed to tell me anything about preparing the apartment for the appt. So the appt was cancelled by the extermination team. As of now, I am still getting bites. I have treated my apartment with bed bug spray from home depot, encased all the mattresses in plastic and sprinkled diatomic earth on everything. I will go home tonight, bag everything, take everything off the walls and do my best to get another pest control appt. Otherwise I am gonna take on this problem myself.

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