200 E 72nd St
New York, NY 10021-4503

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"The Wellesley" Multi-unit rental tower

Confirmed bed bug infestation in my apartment shortly after move-in in September 2010. Notified building management. Brought in our own exterminator (within 24 hours) and notified neighbors. Told management we wanted them to pay for follow-up, but they insisted on their own exterminator who would not treat the apartment until we found another live specimen (we had bagged one and prsented it), and only comes to the building once a week. Their extermin

ator would only lay cardboard "traps" and would not inspect the bed or furniture. Management would not refund us the cost of our own exterminators. Management did not send notice to tenants.

May 2012 - neighbor across the hall suspected bed bug infestation, same exterminator hired by management inspected and insisted no bed bug infestation. Days later, neighbor captured live bed bug. Exterminator returned and commented about other infected units in the building. No notice to neighboring units from management.

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