520 E 76th St
New York, NY 10021-3105

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After what management said was a couple of complaints about bed bugs, our co-op board sent notice in November that a K-9 inspection of apartments was going to be provided to all tenants.
A sign-up sheet for those wishing to NOT participate in inspection was left in lobby. About 20-30% of apartments were not inspected.
Following K-9 inspection, Cooper Square management sent a letter to all shareholders that the dog had alerted for bed bugs in five more apartments.
Management also said they we

re protecting the privacy of those with bed bugs. Instead of informing all residents, particularly those adjacent to apartments known to have bed bugs, management has refused to disclose this vital information.
They have continued using our general purpose pest control guy rather than hiring bed bug specialist, and are only providing those tenants who had k-9 alert with ONE spray treatment.
The fifth and tenth floor of this co-op building have known bed bug conditions. However, tenants on these floors, and particularly adjacent, have never been formally notified.

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