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Noticed the infestation focused on one bedroom in a 3-bedroom apartment in mid-June 2009. Bugs were all over the bed. Used mattress encasements to fully enclose the mattress & box spring after treating, cleaned all clothing via washer/dryer or dry cleaning, and visually inspected the entire bedroom after cleaning with vacuum and spraying Bedlam Insecticide and various residuals. Landlord sent an unlicensed exterminator who sprayed Spraywell Good Night aerosol 3 times over a 2.5-week period. This

didn't appear to have a large impact on the situation.

Bugs did not disappear so the bed wheels were placed in plastic containers filled with low-grade organic (cinnamon-based) bed bug spray from Bed Bath & Beyond and the bed was pulled away from the wall. After 4 weeks, this has improved the situation in that room, although the bugs are still not completely gone.

Recently the bugs spread to the other 2 bedrooms -- this prompted a deep cleaning of the entire apartment, throwing away plenty of unused clothing and other items, opening and treating the inside of couches, and using mattress encasements for the other 2 bedrooms along with similar treatments as the bedroom with the initial infestation.

Currently monitoring the situation. It is better, but not solved.

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