38 E 75th St
New York, NY 10021-2737

Found 3 reports:

The 7/13/2011 report alleging bed bugs at 38 East 75th Street is a complete falsehood. It was submitted by a former tenant who was evicted and arrested for cause.

Anyone requiring a bedbug search of their apartment or hotel room can contact the NY K-9 Task Force at 1-718-313-5294. We are trained in recognition of Bed Bugs by the City of New York.

My wife and I woke up to find what we thought were rashes. We imagined we must be allergic to the bedding so we bought our own pillows and bed clthes. When we eremoved the sheets and padding we realized this suite was infested with the bed bugs we heard were a New York City epidemic. We were short term guests and left the suite prior to our vacate date. The management did not appear concerned when we brought it to his attention. This was within the last month. We remain anonymous so we sha

re this incident as a public service.

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