541 W 49th St
New York, NY 10019-7142

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hello i use to live at 541 w 49 st almost 20 years on the fouth floor apt 45 paying rent only 464.00 a month back then. The building was dirty all time huge rats in front of building. roaches were all over my apt. even with spraying the insects will come back then I found out that the building was infested with roaches, and later came the bedbug infestion thats when i gave up and moved out.Now 20 years later the rent is almost 2000 or more a month and there is bedbug infestation. The realtors s

hould be a shame of them selfs they new that this building was in deed infested with all sorts of ceatures. building 541,543,545 should be condemed.

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The entire building is infested from what I have heard. The managment company says they have exterminated, but it hasn't helped the issue. To be honest I dont trust that they have. The past two months have been the worst. It is a huge tip that 3 other people I have spoken to have the same problem and there is always furniture (BEDS) outside ALL the time. This managment company NEEDS to address the issue. DO NOT MOVE INTO 541, 543, 545 W 49th st. Bugs are in my clothes, my bed, walls, draw

ers, and shoes. I keep my apartment very clean, so thats not a factor. I will be getting rid of EVERYTHING I own and moving out due to this issue. SOMETHING needs to be done.

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