537 W 49th St
New York, NY 10019-7142

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This building is VERY dirty ALL the time, the landlady is an INSANE & RUDE OLD LADY, that has been here 4 the last 50 years, she's OBNOXIOUS, PROBLEMATIC, picks on TENANTS 4 almost anything,complains about LIFE, her JOB and her BOSSES 2 whoever will listen when passing by her UGLY & DIRTY little apt down the hall, (she seems 2 hide behind her door, and wait 2 hear footsteps) and suddenly she opens up the door and ALWAYS have something stupid & rude 2 say/complain and most people will NOT stay lo

ng, it's very common 2 c people moving in 2day, and moving out 6 months later, there are roaches EVERYWHERE, specially infestations in the kitchen and bathrooms, but about 6 months ago, I had a BAD CASE of bed bugs in the bedroom, they were eating me alive every nite, I looked awful with all those red bites all over, including my face,called them, and at 1st, they denied the problem, but the next day, without saying anything, sent an exterminator, and asked me not 2 say anything 2 anyone else about the problem, and after about 5 visits from this guy, and countless washes/cleanings/packing of EVERYTHING in the room, the problem seemed 2 go away, but now, I have the same BIG problem in the living room, this morning I found 1 bed bug crawling on the white comforter after I made up the bed, and hs later, found another FAT 1 crawling on the wall, next 2 my bed, when I was putting on makeup.I managed 2 grab both, and they r inside of a small clear glass medicine bottle, 1 died, and the other 1 is alive.
I m very tired of it, I pay about $1,750 in rent, there s no one cleaning this building since I moved in here about 2 years ago, and I need 2 know what I can legally do about this situation, pl advise me!Tk u!
Tired of NYC Landlords!!!

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Since I moved in a few months ago, I have had countless bites all over my body. They are bright red, insanely itchy and disgusting! I will be suing this management agency.

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