330 W 51st St
New York, NY 10019-6402

Found 3 reports:

My bed is just full of the bed bugs!
Management refuses to to anything, wanted to move out from this hole, but no deposit return possible.

Hi well there are more than bed bugs at this location there is perverted rapes by the owner of these properties john demascus and his manager a man that goes by the name of Lee. This man needs to be arrested he is a rapist. He is a bad man I guess many of the women he has raped are afraid to come forward. Well I am too. But he has ruined many lives. including mine. Can you imagine and this man plays so innocent. And claims to know the police in the area and that he can get away with anything.

hope someone sees this and does something. I don't know what has happened to the many women he has raped.
Problem is no proof.We need a female police officer to rent there and see what happens. I mean in civilian clothes.
This must be stopped

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Repeated incidents of bedbug attacks. Building management refuses to do anything about it. Paid out of my own pocket for exterminators but bed bugs continue to return

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