790 7th Ave
New York, NY 10019-6204

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I stayed at The Manhattan on weekdays for three weeks in May 2012. On the last day, I noted 4 or 5 unexplained bug bites...discovered a bug crawling out of my suitcase when I returned home, that matches the phots on this website.

What was the name of the hotel and what room number, or at least what floor were you on?

We stayed here and after the first night my wife had about 40 bites on her arm. I told the hotel and asked for the hotel doc who said to apply a cream and take benadryl. The next day, double the bites. We still didn't see the bugs, but her arm was so red & swollen and blistered over up and down that we insisted on the doc coming to give her a shot. We spent the 3rd morning searching and finally found about 20 bed bugs. We switched rooms. The doctor's treatment wasn't enough so we called our doc

at home and started new prescriptions once home. Now we're home and I'm covered in bed bud bites. Just goes to show that even really expensive hotels can and do get infested.
Date of stay September 2010
Visit was for Leisure
Traveled with Family with Young Children

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