1675 Broadway
New York, NY 10019-5809

Found 2 reports:

We have been provided with very little information on what is happening at 1675. People are visibly upset. this could be prevented by communicating better about what, who, where the bugs may be. they are starting a treatment program, but nonee of us were told how to prepare. They didn't really tell us to secure food or personal belongings, yet other web sites detail how everything is to be put in plastic bags or even thrown out. I work on one of the floors affected and this is getting to hy

steria level...and it is very counterproductive.

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Notices went out to employees that the building next door had a bad infestations of bed bugs. . . It was reported that they found traces of bed bugs at 1675 Broadway on certain floors. . . some floors were sent home and some were not. The floors that were mentioned were 7th through 14th floor.

Supposedly they were going to fumigate this weekend.

No nearby bug reports