404 W 56th St
New York, NY 10019-3602

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I had an awful case of bed bugs in Oct/Nov 2007. Packed up the apartment, got exterminated, and all was well until July 2008 when they came back with a vengeance. Got exterminated again and had a week of peace before my move out date. Hope to never have to deal with that again, it was miserable.

I just stumbled on this site and I'm horrified!!! I too live in 404 and now have a Bed Bug infestation in our apartment. There were tiny cracks in my ceiling that we think allowed them to come in from someone else's apartment.

If you live in this building or know someone in this building please URGE them to have their apartment inspected and exterminated. We are having our apt exterminated tomorrow but are terrified of them traveling back into our place.

I just moved out of this building because of the severe bed bug problem. I had the apartment exterminated 3x over a year long period, and they kept coming back, because the treatment sucks and the other apartments have bedbugs, so they eventually wander back.

The landlord doesn't care at all. There's a reason why the rent is so low - don't be tempted and don't move in.

I had bed bugs as well. They are definitely in the building!! And the landlord, although willing to pay for the services, is just awful to deal with. I moved out because of the problem. It was terrible! One of the worst experiences of my life. We all deserve to sleep soundly, and cleanly especially for paying the high rent prices!!! My apartment was on the 3rd floor.

Again, Bedbugs are present in 404 W 56th... This time it is in another apartment. The entire building needs to be sprayed and bombed.

I noticed a number of mosquito-like bites on my body at first. I was praying that it wasn't bed bugs. Soon after, my roommate complained of bites as well. I ripped my sheets off my bed and found one of the blood-sucking sons of bitches, and from that point on I've been going crazy. We called the landlord and got exterminated about a month later. Of course, we had to pack up our entire apartment: all clothes and shoes in garbage bags sealed with duct tape, books vacuumed and sealed in plastic bin

s, vinyl covers on the mattress and box spring, all clothes and bedding washed in hot water, excessive dry cleaning etc, etc, etc. It was all extremely stressful. About a week or 2 after the extermination, the biting began again and we were told that we had to pick up 2 more poisons to spray interchangeably every 2 days and vacuum the whole apartment everyday. It has been 2.5 months since the problem emerged, and I have to say that it's been a very horrible, stressful, and depressing experience. I haven't slept well for over 2 months, and I'm constantly itchy. PLEASE BRING BACK THE PESTICIDES THAT KILL BED BUGS!! Whatever you hear about bed bugs is actually 10 times worse than you think.

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