530 W 55th St
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I have been a resident at Harborview Terrace for almost 7 years and never had a bed bug problem until 6 months ago when new windows and terrace doors were replaced..The workers would cover all furnishings with protectors that were also used in other apartments..After completion I noticed I had bed bugs and immediately took steps in getting rid of the..These bugs evidently were transferred to my apartment with the cloth coverings that were used in covering my furniture ..These coverings were used

in other Apartments and the bugs tacked onto the coverings.
I sprayed my bed set with the appropriate spray and then invested in full enclosures for each piece..It was a very costly procedure but the bed bugs were gone forever...To this day my apartment is bug free....No thanks to the Management since they did not undertake the necessary precautions in not letting this problem becoming a reality..Management is this building is far from professional and inept in providing tenants the service warranted..They should have known furniture coverings would have been infested with bed bugs if shared with all apartments.....

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I'm a Harborview Resident, and retired NYCHA Assistant Manager. I can tell you from experience as a tenant and an AM that the problem will not be resolved until all the residents cooperate with the process. NYCHA has exterminators which specialize in in bed bugs. Those tenants who follow instructions get excellent results. There are tenants in the building who refuse to allow the exterminators access. Tenants who are boarders. Etc, etc. As long as tenants don't cooperate, the problem wil

l never be resolved. It's hard to get Senior Citizens to change their ways, and NYCHA can't force them to cooperate or follow through. The only way people might listen is pressure from neighbors. I happen to know that a petition was generated in the building, and many of the complaining tenants refused to sign.
NYCHA's home page has the process posted.

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I have heard that bed bugs occupy this building so what I did as a precautinary measure was to buy zipperd matress and box spring enclosures at $100.00 apiece knowing nothing would be done to control problem...So far no bed bugs sighted...Also if occupants in this bldg. took better care of their apts. the problem would be of a lesser degree.

We had two inspections this year. We reported bedbugs each time and was told the exterminator would come. We are still waiting.

This is a building for the elderly, and I know three apartments, ours included, that have bed bugs here. I have not asked the neighbors, but in our apartment we have been battling them for a year now. We get rid of them for a week, and then they come back, which makes us think that they are coming from other apartments. We have been using both natural, and unnatural sprays, and are worried that we may be poisoning ourselves with these chemicals. We have not called in a specialist, because it is

expensive, and as the bugs are in the building, it is guaranteed that they will be back. We have contacted the office (this is a NYHA building), and they have only given advice. It is really frustrating that it seems that nothing can be done about this. We are losing sleep, and are constantly paranoid. The bugs are so crazy now, that they even bite us during the day. I killed one on my foot while it was biting me around 3 pm a few days ago.

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