343 West 39th Street
New York City, NY 10018

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Stayed at this hotel Oct. 2-6 2014 w/ a friend of mine. Our room was on the 3rd floor. She slept in bed closest to door and I in the one closest to the window. Most of my luggage was left on the desk chair, but my backpack was on the floor next to the bed at one point. When I got home, I brought my backpack into my bedroom b/c I had bought some birthday presents for my husband. 2 weeks later I started getting bites on my arms and shoulders. I figured we just had a mosquito or spider in our bed a

nd shrugged it off. My boss suggested they were bed bug bites and I was just like "noooo there's no way we stayed at a nice hotel!" ... a week after my bites started, we found an adult bed bug on our spare pillow. We washed all our clothes, bedding, pillows, etc. in HOT HOT water and dried on high heat. We vacuumed and looked around for more and found 1 more on an accent pillow. We had the pest control guy come by and he found an exoskeleton on our box spring which confirmed their presence. He said he thought we caught it early enough to be okay if we bought encasements for our mattress and box spring, so that is what we did. We were able to get rid of them by doing that ONLY b/c we got lucky and found them early. It normally takes about 6 weeks for people to notice them and by then it's an infestation. When I searched my backpack and luggage we found blood spots in the backpack which was a sign that that is how they had traveled back with me. My friend who was w/ me had no problems whatsoever. CHECK YOUR BEDS!! KEEP YOUR LUGGAGE OFF THE FLOOR AND AWAY FROM THE BED!!!!! Trust me... You do NOT want to deal with these guys.

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