316 W 39th St
New York, NY 10018-1402

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This entire building is full of bedbugs. Shortly after moving in I had a friend spend the night while I was away visiting family. She woke up with bites all up and down her leg. I came back and flipped the mattress. The bed was full of them. I threw it out and had the place fumigated over the course of three weeks. Threw everything out and a few months later they came back. One day on my way out of the building I saw a thin mattress in the hallway. It was crawling with bed bugs. A woman on the f

ourth floor moved out while I was there and said it was because of the bugs. This building is full of them and unless the landlord fumigates the whole place, they will never go away.

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January 2010- Packing for a trip to Mexico, saw a bed bug on our couch and put a glass around it. When we returned, we asked the building exterminator to examine the specimen. He confirmed that it was a bed bug, but reassured us that sometimes you only pick one up on the subway, and if we had not gotten bitten, and saw no other bugs, we should not worry.

February 14th, valentines day. While kissing my honey's back, I notice that he has 3-4 areas of swelling no his neck. I am an MD so I righ

t him prescription for antibiotics, as I am in denial, and treat him for a staph infection related to "spider bites."

March 1st, Me and my honey have passed the stage of denial as we wake up in the early morning, scratching our bodies. Before leaving for work, we have racked up about 30 bites between the two of us.

March 13th, we are doing spring cleaning and find 5-6 dead bed bugs. We read tips on the web about how to conceal your mattress and put your bed on sticky blocks to prevent bites. We also start searching for a new apartment in an effort to break our lease.

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1. Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 - Noticed 1 bug

2. Wednesday, Jan 5th, 2011 - Contacted PestaWay at 261 W35th (www.pestawayinc.com), they sent a dog at 7am which confirmed presence of bed bugs and eggs.

3. Wednesday, Jan 5th, 2011 - Pestaway sent an exterminator to steam the floors/furniture (what was left after discarding) and then treated all around the apartment. In the meantime, all laundry was sent out to be cleaned, rugs thrown out and we purchased follow up treatment product to u

se before Pestaway comes back for a follow up in 2 weeks.

4. Thursday, Jan 6th 2011 - Using Pestaway has been utmost helpful and professional. This wasn't a cheap process but our landlord is willing to help with the cost (after I paid up front). We have taken all precautions to hopefully eliminate them, but if our landlord doesn't follow up and have the ENTIRE building checked, I'm afraid we might not get rid of them entirely.

--Expect a follow up report in 2 weeks once we can see if this treatment process was successful. BUT I would highly recommend Pestaway for ALL your needs. Very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff. You can reach them at 212-721-2521 and they are environmentally friendly.

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