224 E 47th St
New York, NY 10017-2102

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I am Marymount employee and feel that students need to put into context the situation. In comparison to other more larger situations students go through with like not being able to afford college, a bed bug situation is a tiny problem. For the person that had the bedbug situation happen to them on their birthday it is not the best situation, but not the worst. People need to understand living in NYC is not all glitz and Sex and the City and yes almost every New Yorker has had an incident with be

d bugs, insects, rats, etc...The sooner students (like the one in the first comment) can realize this, the sooner they can accept their situation and be genteel to people who are trying to help them.

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This seems like a fake report to make the building look bad. I mean, I lived at the VY the same time described, but everyone from the Marymount staff to the exterminators and Educational Housing Services was incredibly helpful and understanding.

Bedbugs happen in dorms -- and EHS stepped right up to the plate and went above and beyond in their help.

I witnessed some fellow student residents berating and being INCREDIBLY rude and snooty to the staff -- and MMC and EHS staff and RAs were po

lite and helpful nonetheless.

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As an undergraduate student at Marymount Manhattan College, I was assigned to live in the Vanderbilt YMCA building on 224 East 47th Street, Manhattan. The bed bug infestation occurred in room 604, however, there were many other infestations in the building (many gone unnoticed/unreported).
The entire building staff was impossible to work with and INCREDIBLY rude and uninterested. And on top of everything, this all happened the week of my birthday.
In addition, the Marymount Manhattan College

faculty and RAs (that were supposed to oversee the building as well) were incomprehensibly mean, rude, and completely incompetent.
I would also like to state that Marymount Manhattan College, and the YMCA Vanderbilt building, never replaced all of the damages (which totally in the thousands), nor did they apologize.
They are disgusting human beings with no remorse for a person dealing with such a horrible problem.

ALSO, please note that the YMCA Vanderbilt building is partially run by Educational Housing Services. The people at EHS are awful and lied straight to my face about the infestation problems in the building on numerous occasions.

Hope this helps!

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