105 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016-8965

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There continue to be bedbug problems in this building even after supposed remediation by exterminators. The building management is very unsympathetic and unhelpful. They send chemical exterminators which clearly this is not solving anything and they need to tent and heat the building to 110+

There have been continues instances of bed bug infestation in this building. There was one in september 2011 and the building failed to correct it for sometime. DO NOT move into this building as you are at highrisk for bed bugs and the management does little to nothing to resolve the issue.

Please be advised there is an additional unit in this residence with a severe bedbug problem. Do not under any circumstances move into this building until at least 5 years of no reports as I have found from research is appropriate.

103 Lexington had 5+ units sprayed for bed bugs in sept/oct 09

there was an outbreak, but because the neighbors spoke and worked with one another to solve the problem.

I rented an apartment in the building at this address recently. I won't say what unit. However, be advised that there are some serious bedbugs coming through the wall of the bedroom level (multi-leveled apartment) at least one of these units.

When I first moved in I was getting bit all over but I didn't realize it was bedbugs. I thought I had allergies to some of the new paint or varnish or something. It wasn't until I subletted my apartment that my tenant freaked out becuase the tenant

woke up covered in bite marks and sound figured out the problem.

I did not make the landlord aware since I was moving out anyway and did not want my apartment to be sprayed. I am not sure if other tenants were also complaining of this issue.

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