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Sunday November 7th

I just read the report from end of August about the bedbug problems in my building. I had heard there was a problem with one apt. in particular but I have to say that management is really dedicated (the manager lives here too) and I was told they used a place with sniffing dogs and "boxed" the offending apt. above / below / sides and treated those apts. as well. Well, apparently, even though they've done their best, the bedbugs are spreading. Tomorrow they're attempting to

do 3 apts across, from the 6th to the 14th floor--that's 27 apartments. I'm at the other end and side of the building on an upper floor within that range but I'm freaking nonetheless. This is a big chunk of the building they're going after. Yikes.

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THEY'RE HERE!! Unfortunately our building has the start of an outbreak. Management is doing their best and they are working closely with the tenants to rid the building of the problem, but unless everyone cooperates [and reports a bedbug problem immediately], it will only get worse. I was informed by our super that there is one apartment that is so infested they are bringing in a special team to rid the apartment of the critters. It seems the person was so embarrassed about having bedbugs th

at he/she first tried to take care of it him/herself, and when that didn’t work finally informed management, but not until it was out of control.

After being informed by a notice of the problem in some apartment with bedbugs, I checked my mattress every day. Found what appeared to be a dead bug, but thought maybe I was being paranoid. The building had a bedbug sniffing dog come to every apartment [or at least those who would allow the dog to enter their apartment -- with almost 200 apartments you know that not everyone allowed them entry] and the hound didn't detect anything in my place. However, since I was worried about the dead bug I found, I had them spray my apartment.

Four days after the spraying [which was nothing more than the exterminator coming and spraying the baseboards with a pesticide – nothing special – told it was a preventive spraying] while doing my daily check of the mattress I found TWO live bedbugs. To say I was freaked out was an understatement. I went down to the management office, reported the problem, was instructed that if I wanted to throw out my mattress/box spring [that was a definite YES!] I needed to wrap it in plastic and leave it downstairs. I did that, and two days later I also tossed my bed frame since I found a lot of small holes [it was a 90+ year old wood frame that I have owned for 20+ years] all over the bed where bedbugs could nest if they were around. Figured better safe than sorry, and it was a good excuse to upgrade from a full-size bed to queen-size.

I am waiting to hear which day this week the exterminator is coming back to do a more intensive job of spraying [or whatever they need to do] to make my apartment bedbug free. I’m assuming there are no more since I’ve been checking and haven’t seen any since throwing out my mattress/bed frame, but I’m doing the spraying as a precautionary measure. I give my building management an A+ for trying to get ahead of the problem before it gets out of control.

Word of advice to everyone – INFORM YOUR BUILDING AT THE FIRST SITE OF BEDBUGS!! If you rent management/landlord is responsible to rid your apartment of the pests. If they refuse to do anything call “311” and find out who to call to report the problem with your building and the landlord’s lack of dealing with the problem.

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