111 E 31st St
New York, NY 10016-6803

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Apartment #3A

I moved into this building a couple months ago and 3 weeks after moving in, i woke up covered in bites. End up finding out multiple other units were experiencing "mosquito bites"...they just had no idea they were actually bedbug bites. I also find out that person who lives below me has bedbugs in his apartment, which has spread to the whole building. Had my apartment exterminated 4 times and still was seeing bb's and was getting bites. The landlord did a half ass job with hi

s so-called exterminators, as the problem persisted and he stopped returning my calls. I provided numerous recommendations on credible extermination companies and on bed bug sniffing dogs...he didn’t want any of the advice. Do not move into this building!

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