220 E 36th St
New York, NY 10016-3761

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Got many welts along arms and face so decided to check around the bed. Found a few bed bugs crawling along the walls in the bedroom and mattress. Informed landlord of problem but have not heard back on how this will be resolved. Looks like I'm not the first to experience this unwelcoming infestation at this building.

-Itchy Tenant

First bed bug bites occured over 2 months ago. Originally, I did not suspect that it was a bed bug bites because I assumed that it was mosquitos that got into my apt from my roommate leaving the window open without the screen in place. Throughout the last two months, I would get a few huge welts when I wake up in the morning so I started suspecting that the bites were not caused by mosquitos. With recent news of the insurgence of these creepy crawlers, I inspected my mattress and found an adult

bed bug in daylight hours. Since then, I have found a few bed bugs(young -> adult) here and there as I clean my apartment. I have vacuumed constantly, washed all my bedding, purchased a mattress cover, bought bed bug killer spray and continued to see bites.These critters sure are hard to get rid of! To top off everything, I am horribly allergic to bed bug bites!

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