313 W 14th St
New York, NY 10014-5001

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Total nightmare! Stayed here a week in January 2011. Got covered with quarter sized itchy bites-my partner didn't. Found out only 50% of people show bites, however they are still biting all people and everyone can carry them home. Started to see the little monsters one night around 3AM apparently they come out between 3 and 5AM -otherwise you won't see them-usually. However this building was/is so filled with bedbugs that we caught 5 crawling around and biting us the next day-

Bed bugs rebou

nd from all the toxic spraying that we smelled being applied here by the building. If a mitigation company hasn't superheated ALL the apartments at once -which would cost them tens of thousands and possibly a ton of damage to everyone's stuff.... this place is surely still infested.

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Stayed 5 nights and got 3-5 different bites each night.

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