43 Carmine St
New York, NY 10014-4423
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I feel bad for all the people whose lives have been adversely impacted by the rampant bed bug situation in this building. Bugs were first reported in the building in Decmeber of 2009 and it took building management and their cheap, hapless exterminator over six months to address the situation. Renters beware!! The landlord is a notorious sheister who treats her tenants as if they owe her more than the pricey rent she collects each month for the privilege to live in her bug and pest ridden uni

ts. Tenant complaints regularly go ignored and if you so much as dare to stand up for yourself expect to have her and her management lackeys ignore further inquiries entirely. The super is a dim-witted stooge that also believes she can do no wrong. In addition to bed bugs I've personally seen and heard reports from others about mice, roaches and other pests in the building. If you're considering moving into this building, keep looking!!!!

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I too can confirm bed bugs at this address...saw several last night!! The management company is taking this MAJOR problem as if it is no big deal, which is extremely frustrating! Not to mention the fact that they actually lied about there being a problem, I asked point blank - "are there bed bugs in this build?" and was told "no, we are exterminating as a precaution"; so now that bed bugs have been spotted and confirmed through discussions with several other tenants I am in shock that immediat

e and decisive action has not been taken by management.
BTW - I never actually had a problem until the exterminator came last week...

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I can confirm BBs in this building, I can't really believe how many there are. I saw my neighbors throw out half the stuff they own, and I have caught many bugs myself. Management did finally acknowledge a problem and brought in an exterminator, but I've seen more now than before he came.

I live in one apt. at this address but there at at least 5 other apts in the building that I know of which also have bed bugs. It's an old walk-up and the bugs seem to be spreading fast! My problem started in January 2010 and still has yet to be fixed despite several attempts by the same ineffective exterminator. The mgmt company has done a HORRIBLE job addressing the issue as I hear from several other tenants that they cannot even get their calls returned anymore! I think the real problem here

is the exterminator and the mgmt company refuses to hire a more capable one. I'm actually shocked to see that I'm the first one to register this building.

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