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I have lived here for over 7 months when I started noticing bug bites on my neck, legs and arms in late Aug 2009. I was suspicious it was bed bug bites, but I didn't have proof. I even inspected my mattress and changed my sheets to see if the bites would stop. They didn't.

Then, one night (about 10 days after bites began appearing), a bed bug dropped on me while I was watching TV in bed. I immediately contacted my management company. Within a week, I bagged my apartment and had my first of m

any exterminator visits. Three weeks later, a K9 unit sniffed my entire apartment (bags and all). The unit determined I only had residual bed bugs in or near my bed, but they were likely dying off or trapped in my bed bug encasements (which everyone should have on their mattress, box springs and pillows).

The exterminator returned for a second visit. After a week of seemingly no bites (September 2009), I reluctantly unpacked my bagged belongings. Two weeks later, I found another live bed bug on an article of clothing hanging on my closet door. Again, I immediately contacted management. Within a few days, the k9 unit returned to confirm bed bugs on, in, or near the bed (perhaps still trapped in my mattress or box springs encasement) and also bed bugs in one of my closets. I rebagged all my belongings and rewashed/dry cleaned clothing, curtains, bedding, etc.

As it stands now (October 2009), I'm staying in another location until the "problem" is completely eliminated. There have been at least 2 other bed bug reports in my building since August 2009, and these I have confirmed myself. Management has withheld such information.

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