98 Christopher St
New York, NY 10014-4201

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Living in this building has been a miserable experience.

I first found out that the building was infested with bed bugs by the superintendent as he was fixing something else in my apartment (this was in December 2011). A formal announcement of bed bugs in the building had not yet been made, even though the superintendent knew they were in the building. He urged me to get bed bug covers for my mattress, and about two weeks after spending $200 on bed bug covers, came around the building to off

er free covers to all tenants.

I suspected that I had bed bugs towards the end of February 2012/early March 2012, and after 2 inspections by the superintendent, was told that I had carpet beetles. I found bed bugs as I was falling asleep a few nights later. After another inspection by the landlord, who confirmed that I did have bed bugs, it was a week before the exterminator could service my apartment. During this time, my apartment was not habitable since I could not sleep without being bitten and finding bed bugs in my bed. I spent nearly $1000 in hotel costs since I had nowhere else to go with such short notice. I spent another $500 in laundering and cleaning costs and had to take time off of work to pack up my apartment.

Two nights after the first extermination, I found live bed bugs in my apartment once again, and noticed that they were crawling through the brick wall. My apartment was exterminated again a week and a half later, and and I was instructed to wait another two weeks before unpacking my apartment. Having to pay $2000/month in rent for an apartment that is not habitable is ridiculous.

Although a sealant was applied to the brick wall to prevent bed bugs from entering through cracks in the wall, this was only done in response to my demand that the brick wall be filled in/repaired. This was not handled by the property management company in a timely fashion.

In early July 2012, I was asked by Harlington property management whether I had noticed any bed bugs since there had been recent problems in the building, but was not provided with any other information regarding the bed bug issue even upon further inquiry.

I found a single bug in my bathtub August 2012, which I believe crawled up through the drain pipe.

This experience has been a nightmare and I advise anyone considering an apartment at this address to stay away!

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