2 Charles St
New York, NY 10014-3004

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Funny.. I stayed at this short term rental a few months back, in the VERY noisy 1st floor studio. Was there for 1 week and got seriously bitten up, not knowing the building was infected with bedbugs so i didn't report it. The first person was right, this building is furnished nicely but has a serious bug problem. STAY AWAY!!!!

I stayed at this furnished rental and contracted a serious case of bedbugs and even brought them back to my apartment in California. I noticed bites along my legs and arms after my 2nd night stay. Not realizing that this was more serious than Mosquito bites I ignored the bites until I returned home and had to spend $25,000 in exterminating fees. I tried contacting the person whom I subletted from only to get no response. Makes me wonder why he left the apartment in such a hurry. The furnish

ings was quite nice but I dont suggest you stay here!

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