165 Christopher St
New York, NY 10014-2815

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my aunt's apartment is infested with bed bugs. the management wants her to keep it quiet.

WOW, I think anonymous on 2/18 is a bit of a drama queen and very ill informed. I've lived in the building 9 years and never had bed bugs.I also know that to be true of many of my neighbors. Asking a tenant to go thru preventative measure seems to be a responsible action by a management company whether is be for abatement or pre-measure.

The bed bugs are out of control here. We rented here starting in October and within two weeks they were doing preventive spraying. They just found one and now we are going through the whole course. If you move into this building you will get bed bugs. Everyone we have talked to in the building has had some problem with them.

50 apartments were inspected this week for bed bugs. Building management is Cooper Sq Realty. They are not controlling the situation so it continues to spread.

so far about 5 apartments that I know of maybe more

There are multiple apartments infested with bedbugs in this building.

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