101 Charles St
Manhattan, NY 10014-2650

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Yes, at least three apartments at 101 Charles are infested, including my own, which I just discovered today (10/5/10) Afflicted with bites for weeks now and the building's pest control guy inspected and said we were clear. Even purchased a CO2 monitor which has not caught one, single bug. Still, my bites persisted. Today, I woke at 5:30 am feeling, well, weird, got out of bed and shone a flashlight on the clean sheets. And there it was, a bedbug. Sprayed it with alcohol and saved it for th

e pest guy. Further searching uncovered an infestation on the mattress encasement. Have an appt. today at 3:30 pm with reputable pest control guy who comes highly recommended and whom I'll pay out of pocket. Landlord's pest guy is missing the diagnosis and for the one he found, the treatment, after weeks, is still ineffective, the tenants report

Also, the adjoining building, 103 Charles, has documented bedbug infestations in at least two apartments. (Evidence is the stained and creepy mattresses dragged out to the sidewalk, with obvious signs of bugs and their fecal matter.) Highly problem that at least two MORE apartments in 101 (my building) are infested given that two new mattresses were dragged into the entry hallway and left their for disposal.

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