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September 28, 2010

My friend from Australia stayed at The Standard and woke up with three bites on her knee that looked like bed bug bites. She said they were very itchy, and they appeared in a group of three, which is apparently how bed bugs bite.

She was there for three nights and only noticed the bites on the last morning she was there; we're just hoping nothing transferred into her luggage. Fingers crossed.

I awoke with 4 very itchy bites on the right
side of my right scapula. I thought maybe it
was a spider or something, but when I got home
my wife found a live bed bug in the laundry
basket I put my suits in for dry cleaning.

I had been in a hotel in Phoenix a couple days
before and did not get bit there. Given the
reputation NYC has for a bed bug epidemic, I
assume I got bitten in this hotel in NYC as I
didn't notice any bites until my 2nd morning
in this hotel.

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