171 Mulberry St
New York, NY 10013-4797

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On April 29, 2011, we put our 6 year old daughter to bed at 171 Mulberry St (maintained and operated by Smart Apartments and Hotel Toshi), and around midnight, my wife and I got into bed and began to watch a movie. We were facing the end of the bed (looking at the iPad) and suddenly several bugs began to crawl up from the end of the bed toward us. I'm not a licensed exterminator, but by comparison with photos online, these appear to be bedbugs (regardless, there are bugs in the beds). I squished

and kept a couple for proof and showed one to an exterminator here (after our vacation) that said they are indeed bedbugs. I tried calling Toshi immediately, but nobody was available to take our call at that time of night. We promptly left, checking into a hotel.

The next morning I called them, spoke to Cecile, who informed me there was nothing she could do, but would call her supervisor, who will call me back. I never heard back, so the next day, I went to their offices, returned the keys and spoke to the only person working there, Justin. He was sympathetic and called Jason Montello, the "Director of Operation." Jason spoke to me briefly, immediately questioning the validity of my claim. He said he would come into the office later that day to see the visual proof that I left.

Jason phoned me a couple of hours later, claiming that he had an exterminator with canines come and scope the place out and that they found no evidence of bugs and that there was nothing he could do for me except put me in another apartment. By now, I had already spent two nights in a hotel at a cost of $277 a night! I told him that I wanted a refund and he informed me that would not happen, constantly questioning the legitimacy of my claim, as if I am going to travel to NYC with bedbugs in order to frame them and get out of a contract with them. He said I can hire an independent exterminator (or as he wrote in an email "independ-ed") to inspect the place, as if I wanted to spend more money and my own vacation time dealing with this. I told him I am happy to share my experience online and with other guests checking in at their offices. I hung up and he immediately called back, trying to entrap me into making threats by asking incredibly odd questions. I hung up again. He phoned back again with several other odd questions. I hung up again and he did not call again.

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