376 Broadway
New York, NY 10013-3913

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I've been in my apartment for over 10 years ( high floor -20th), and do recall having the apartment looked at by a bed bug sniffing dog in 2009/2010. However, I've never experienced bed bugs in my apartment during my time living here.

Still a few episodes of bedbug breakout per year despite monthly termination program in the building. I guess they are like herpes, once you get it, you will never be able to get rid of it.

It's not just bedbugs, there are cockroaches and mice in the building.

I can confirm with the comment below that "MANAGEMENT LIED". I just received a letter form management (Aug 15, 2011) suggesting to have my unit inspected for bedbugs due to a confirmed case from a neighboring apartment. I had a conversation with management and can also confirm that the management is not enforcing the treatment, claiming it's the landlords problem. On top of that, the board DID NOT APPROVE for being responsible for the cost of treatment so it is now "optional" for landlords to ha

ve their apartments inspected and treated. In conclusion, management is inefficient for this matter.

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Not every infested apartment was treated because management is not enforcing the treatment. Bedbugs are now (July 2011) found in apartments on the 13th floor.


i am a tenant at the building and am eager to move out. the building is HEAVILY infested with bedbugs. especially on the 7, 8, 9, 10 floor. after bed bugs were discovered last year, some units were fumigated but NOT all of them. that means that the building is STILL infested and the bed bugs are actually traveling back to the fumigated units. a lot of tenants refused to fumigate which means that the bed bugs in this building will NEVER go away.

i was in the lobby the other day and overhe

ard that the B line is also infested. the tenant was biten all over.

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i am a tenant on 376 broadway NYC. the building is infested with bedbugs. even though my apt was fumigated, i learned from my fumigator and management company that many more units are infested and the owners refuse the fumigate. i am moving out because it is just a matter of time before the bed bugs will spread back into my apt.

Bedbugs found by management on the 7, 8 9 and 10th floors of this building in October of 2009. The whole building (all 25 floors) has been inspected by trained dog and exterminator in December, 2009. Some owners still refused to treat their infested apartments.

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