54 Watts St
New York, NY 10013-1912

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I stayed at the Hampton Inn Manhattan/SoHo from 8/24/2012 through 8/31/2012. I was traveling with my two children who are both college students returning to NYC. We shared room 902 and my son slept on the left and my daughter & I slept on the right. When my son checked into his dorm on Monday I moved to the bed on the left. Both my son and I have bed bug bites from sleeping on the bed on the left. We are from Florida so at first we thought they were mosquito bites. By Friday, 8/31/2012, when I c

hecked out and returned home, my bites developed into large itchy red swollen bumps. I researched bed bug bites and noticed that they are in the 1-2-3 pattern, and they are clearly bed bug bites. I contacted the front desk of the hotel and reported the situation so future guests would not be harmed. I was told a manager would call me within the hour, and I have not heard from the hotel to date. I would not recommend staying at this property given the management's lack of empathy for guests who fell victim to their improper management of bed bug prevention.

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One of my co-workers was bitten all over her arms and legs by bed bugs at the Hampton Inn Soho at 54 Watts St on September 15th. She called the front desk after she killed a few of the bugs. They came up and trapped more of the bugs. Too late for her, though.
Our company occupied the majority of the hotel at the time. Luckily, only one person had this experience. We've never had an issue before now.

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