26 Thompson St
New York, NY 10013-1627

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I moved into this apartment around June 2009. One week later, I started receiving unknown bites for an entire month. Later, after having someone notice the bites on my neck, we realized that they were bedbug bites. I continued checking around my mattress and under my bed frame and eventually found 10 of these critters crawling around -- ranging from its infant stage to full adult stage. Their shells that they shed were all over around the floor.

I went to report this to the landlord and

he sent one exterminator who walked around my room and sprayed an inexpensive, non-working, small can of "bug repellent" around the corners of my room. Obviously, this does not help.

I hired my own personal exterminator at my own expense (costing me well over 500 dollars) and bought my own sprays that work (costing me 100 dollars each).

They finally went away for 2-3 months, and now they are back. I recently saw one crawling around my bed in front of my friends while they were in my room. Please imagine how embarrassing this was for me. Not only did I spend a lot of money getting rid of them, my friends did not want to come over any more.

I am warning any one who is looking to live in this apartment. There are many tenants with pets (especially one that lives on the bottom floor who brings more than one home every day as their profession), and obviously, pets lead to more critters/bedbugs/ticks/roaches around this apartment.

If you are reading this, landlord, please get to this as soon as possible. It is infecting our entire building.

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We sent our exterminator to these tenants 3 or 4 times each (which cost us $175). He even made evening visits to be sure they were home in order to tell them what to do to rid them of this pest. Only one of the tenants had this problem. The exterminator told her what to do to eliminate the problem but she failed to comply with his requests. This is an easy pest to rid oneself of if one complies with the instructions of the exterminator.

She notified me about a month ago of this problem and th

en proceeded to find a much cheaper apartment. I do not know the reality of these bed bugs but she found a cheaper apartment and I lost the rent for the next several months. I have to find a new tenant at a lower rent and give a broker a commission. Who lost what? I tried to do what ever I could to keep this tenant.

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We moved into our three bedroom apartment in the late Spring of 2008. Throughout the summer I myself, along with one other roommate, began to receive unknown bites on our bodies every so often. They itched for days and stayed red for weeks. By the late fall, my roommate was being bitten nearly every night, and we finally began to find bugs in our beds, and also on our living room couch. Our landlord insisted on providing his own exterminating service, consisting of two men using cans filled with

a pesticide spray. They would come in to our apartment once every two weeks and spray the floorboards, walls, and furniture (leaving behind a white film). We, in turn, washed and dry-cleaned everything we owned, at our own expense. The biting would stop for a week, and then return. By mid-winder we knew we had to move out. One of my roommates couldn't sleep in her bed, and I was waking up at all hours thinking I was being bitten. Our landlord refused to return our (very large) deposit because we were terminating the lease early, and took no responsibility for the infestation of the apartment. He refused to even admit that there were bedbugs, despite us having shown his exterminator the bugs on several occasions, and his exterminator having agreed on those occasions that they were indeed bedbugs.
I highly advise not living in this building. If the emotional/physical strain is not enough, then certainly the lack of assistance and compassion from the management company is. My roommates and myself are now out over $7,000 dollars, not including our drycleaning and furniture cleaning expenses.

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