223 Sullivan St, Apt 1c
New York, NY 10012

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nicki kalokerinos [nkalokerinos@hotmail.com]

So I have good news and bad news...the good news is that the inspector you sent was very good and found absolutley no evidence of bedbugs, on either mattrees, boxsprings or on and of my linens. He said if I had had them I would need to throw everything out and there would be permanent evidence. The bad news is that AAA bed bugs that came in to 'help' me before must have brought in the bug they showed me. I told the inspector today the guy was

only here for 20 minutes, he said they couldnt have exterminated an apartment in 20 minutes. I called to get the license for the company and they wouldnt give it. Im disputing the charges through my credit card. Thanks for sending the inspector today.

Dated 12-11-10

Sent to the Landlord.

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223 Sullivan Street has monthly exterminator service provided free to the tenants by the owners of the building. Miss Kalokerinos never (not once during her tenancy) signed up for monthly exterminator service, as you would think she would do if she suspected bedbugs. In fact,a special service call by the exterminators used by the building determined her apartment did not have bedbugs.

Miss Kalokerinos, you may have bedbugs;223 Sullivan Street does not.

I lived in the apt at 223 Sullivan St Apt 1C. I had to call in an exterminator 3 times and still had no resolution. I saw the bugs, and the exterminator showed them to me in his hand before flushing down the toilet. I used AAA Exterminators who came in on 11/30 and again on 12/13. I can also add that I have since moved as the landlord refused to pay for the extermination as is their responsibility by law. Bob Rosasco is a slumlord, I would not recommend this apartment or this building to an


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