220 Bowery
New York, NY 10012-4203

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Just stayed here, and was all chewed up. Not worth the low price. Saw bed begs and dried blood remains.

Just stayed here, and was all chewed up. Not worth the low price. Saw bed begs and dried blood remains.

It's the Bowery House Hostel. I stayed there for two nights in Nov. 2012. I got some bites on my arm on the second day. I had been bitten before, so I am pretty sure these are bed bug bites. I actually checked around when I checked in. The bed looks pretty clean and they have the mattress wrapped. But I still got bitten! Be alarmed!

The Bowery House. I stayed at this hotel-hostel from Nov. 1st - 5th, 2012. On my last evening there, I noticed a bedbug on the wall. It was light brown, and looked like it hadn't fed. I promptly squished it. Early the next morning, I found a redened one on my hotel issued towel. I squished it and it left a small bloody smear in the towel. I could not find any bites on myself, and I examined all my bags and clothing as best I could, but found nothing else. While at the airport after checking out

, I found online other people complaining about bedbug infestations at the same hotel, complaining that rooms on my floor (the 4th) were infested. Upon getting home. I put my clothes immediately in the washer (hot water, high heat dry), put all my small item poessessions in platic bags, and threw out my luggage before stepping foot into my bedroom. Haven't seen any since. Hopefully, that hold up.

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