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multiple bites found on bottom of foot on 03/30/09.

On 03/31/09 found bug on blanket on couch crushed it and got blood on hand. Thought it might be a flea, but was growing suspicious.

On 04/01/09 found a cluster of bites on shoulder blade. Having been bitten before at a friend's, knew for sure that these where bed bug bites.

04/02/09 Called exterminator. Appointment made for 04/06/09.

04/04/09 Found another bug crawling on couch. Picked it up and flushed it. Washed all clothing and

linens and sealed in trash bags.

04/05/09 Another bite on the hand

04/06/09 Exterminator came and sprayed and steamed. Said he didn't see much signs of them. Said they were caught quickly, and probably shouldn't show a re-occurence. ;)

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