482 W Broadway
New York, NY 10012-3141

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Response from Management Company: We took over this long neglected building 6 months ago, at which point notices were posted in the building and under every apartment door with our office contact phone number 212-628-2313, website www.vickersrealtyltd.com and emails. We have had workmen there most days and we have been there several times a week, as we are bringing the building up to standards; painting hallways, retiling lobby area, installing emergency hallway lighting, and bringing proper ele

ctricity up to all apartments (partially to fix the intercom). We got rid of the super who lives in Queens and replaced him with someone in the neighborhood, his contact numbers are posted as well. While the workmen have been cleaning every day while working and at the end of the day, some dust is inevitable for this type of job.

Regarding the bedbugs, reporting this problem to us would be a much more appropriate and responsible way for you (or anyone) to handle this and begin to work together. Unfortunately, the person who first told us about their problem also failed to let us know right away. They admitted to knowing about it for quite a while but were embarrassed to tell us. Once we found out about the infestation, we began to employ the same tactics which we have used to successfully fight this problem in other properties. We have had inspections of surrounding apartments, and others by request, as well as follow up visits to both inspect and re-treat when needed. If there was a prior infestation, we had no knowledge of it until reading this today and if you want to provide more information about this to the office, it would be very much appreciated.

We cannot fight this fight alone. We need the co-operation of tenants to report things when they are first observed, to comply with treatment instructions, and most importantly to not introduce bedbugs into the building in the first place. It is up to us to bore the cost of and arrange for extermination, which we are more than willing to do. You just have to let us know.

The past owners of this property made a conscious decision to not put any money into it. Needless to say, we do not share the same philosophy. For anyone to say we have “done nothing and do not care” while themselves not contacting us directly to report such problem is contradictory and counterproductive. Please let our trained office staff know of any problems so that we may work together towards a common goal.

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Bedbugs brought into one unit in middle of building, spread to two others (confirmed with live bugs/cast skins/fecal) and suspected in at least one more. Infestation still continuing due to current lack of building-wide treatment and presence of wooden (not kidding) dumpster inside small building lobby leading to unsanitary waste disposal. Not all tenants living up to standards I would hope for when infested. One of them continues to let guests into her apartment, which is particularly danger

ous and raises risk of reinfestation. I would currently approach the building with a great deal of caution.

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