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Bed bugs were suspected by tenants in apt 6E in late June 2009, and building mgmt was notified immediately. The apt was sprayed by staff of Soho Court and later by an exterminator who diagnosed a "cigarette beetle" infestation. Tenant inquired as to whether these beetles bite, and exterminator said no. Tenant asked for a thorough examination of the unit as she was covered in welts and sure it was something as serious as bed bugs. Exterminator and building employees sprayed apt 5x collectively (w

ith something meant to kill beetles, not bedbugs) and tenant kept receiving bites. Finally on July 12, tenant found physical specimen to show as proof of her weeks of claims. July 13- exterminator sprays (aerosol can only) the 2 mattresses/box springs in the apt, and on July 16 he treats the rest of the apt. Between July 12 and 16 tenants treat all clothing items, clean and store all belongings, discard most furnishings/rugs in preparation for treatment. July 18- one tenant returns home to prepare to move back into her room(which has been unlivable for weeks) and sees a live bed bug on the "protective cover" (provided by the exterminator) of her mattress. She alerts superintendent, building handyman, property managers, the company that provided the extermination services, and an emergency building contact immediately. Important side note: the 3 building managers she contacted several times over the course of this time never returned a single email and rarely returned calls).

Tenants have asked for building management company to provide compensation and/or temporary housing white the problem is being eradicated to no avail.

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