340 Bowery
Manhattan, NY 10012-2414

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I stayed here for one night in anticipation to stay three because of the unbelievably great rates. To my dismay and what now appears to be my lack of sensibility, the rates were unbelievable for a reason. I stayed on the fourth floor and literally got eaten alive by bed bugs, from head to toe and had an anxiety attack when I woke up. I ran down the stairs to tell the front desk and realized that on each floor, there are signs marked on the doors stating that the buildings/health department (cann

ot remember which in the midst of the panic) deemed the lower floors "uninhabitable." I was told by the front desk the evening before that they were doing renovations...I doubt it and based on the looks of the front desk kids when I made my uproar, this was nothing new.

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OMFG! I can't believe no one has reported this place! The NYC Health Board should shut them down this place is infested with bedbugs, i was put in room 456 where i was eaten alive, they moved me to 460 which was better but still had red thirsty bedbugs of all sizes. The place used to be a SRO boarding house now they run a hostel, the transient tenants will tell you the owner doesn't care he just keeps collecting money from unsuspecting tourist. The even put someone right back into room 456 and t

hey woke up covered head to toe with red itchy bug bites. The handy man did a half ass spray job the owner wants the city to buy the building so he doesn't sink a dime into the place he jus keeps collecting money & ruining people's great NYC adventure, i had to wash my blood stained sheets and dead skin filled pillow because they don't wash or they do a poor job of washing stuff. Do yourself a favor & stay the hell away from this place they even lie about the wifi they just tell you to piggy back whatever is not locked. I'll try to post pix on Yelp
But if you do stay bring your spray!!!

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Hello there,

I stayed in this hostel from 24th July to 31st July 2008 and discovered the investation a night or two before I left.
I had never before come across bed bugs in my travels in Europe. But I do most of my travelling in my very own Volkswagen Campervan at home.

Well, at least I understand the term "till the bed bugs bite you".

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