56 7th Ave
Manhattan, NY 10011-6607

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All these comments seem to die off after 2010. Can anyone comment in what the building is like now, August of 2012?

I have a suspicion that I may have bed bugs.
In response to the other allegations against the building, every single one of them is true. I moved in last October and cannot wait for my 14 month lease to expire. The drilling at one point that went on from 8 am- 5 pm every day was inhumane, and I seriously at times considered checking myself into a mental institution, as I was truly going crazy from the unbearable noise. Last week, water was turned off for THREE DAYS (toilet not included)...

Any protests by tenants, such as one sign in the elevator that read "CALL 311 and tell them that we have been without water for three days" is quickly terminated by the management..
Long story short, do not be decieved by the charming touches of this pre-war building- I'd rather have my sanity than those beautiful moldings.

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After 56 7th Avenue was sold in 2008 by the Racolin family, there has been nothing but drama at this pre-war building, located between 13th and 14th Street on Seventh Avenue in the West Village. New management came in with jack hammers wielding with attempts to rehab the building and increase the rents. What they are left with 3 years later? Hanging wires and light bulbs in every hallway, over a year of one passenger elevator for 162 apartments, holes in walls, vermin and at last call- no water

in their building for weeks at a time. At last check, Northbrook Management, has over 80 open violations with the HPD. Renters both regulated and de-regulated have been left victims of yet another ambitious investor that have zero regard for the tenants. As this Slum lord has done in many other buildings around the city. Most notable The Apthorp.
At the time of this post, several residents from 56 7th Avenue, commented by saying it's been a grueling 3 years with no light at the end of the tunnel. Their concern is for those new tenants moving in not knowing their dreams of living in a pre-war building will become a nightmare once learning what they signed on for.

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I had them in March 2010 and I thought I got rid of them. Now I am not sure. Anybody else?

Has there been any recent sightings? or any problems lately with this building?

Had them a couple years ago. Management was notified and eventually they acted accordingly. It took over 6 months and 3 rounds of extermination, throwing away everything and resealing the floor to get rid of them. Things are different in the building now and every problem goes ignored as a general rule.

I also rent a renovatated apt for about 8 months now and have not had any issues with bed bugs nor my neighbors. Only issue, noisy due to construction and renovaions

I am about to rent a renovated apartment in this building and these reports are alarming! Has anyone had any sightings lately?

My friend lives in this building. A few months ago I was over for a visit and he showed me. COMPLETELY disgusting. For the rent that is paid in this building, it's unacceptable. I have not been back over since. I don't want to risk bringing them home, nor getting bit.

I have them tooa and so does my next door neighbor and the apt above me on 9. I told the managers and they said was that they would look into it. That was a month ago and then a few weeks ago. They dont seem to care and think that they can ignore it and they will go away. the bites say a different thing.

which floor? which apartments? have you told management?

We have them and have heard of other cases.

confirmed bed bugs. this apartment building is dirty & disgusting!

We\'ve found bedbugs in the apartment.

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