450 W 17th St
New York, NY 10011-5893

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I live in the building too and have not seen or heard of any.

Several months ago, in the spring of 2010, I noticed a dog and his handler in the lobby. About a month ago (August, 2010), the superintendent called to say he needed to enter my apartment to check for bedbugs. The same dog and handler entered my apartment with the building representative and the dog proceeded to sniff around for bedbugs.

And, low and behold, my apartment is infested.

I tell that story because it is appalling that the landlord (The Related Companies) did not inform the ent

ire building earlier of the bedbug infestation. I believe their only concern was keeping the problem quiet so that people would continue renting in the building (know as the Caledonia).

They have since sent a notice out to the residents but it is about five or six months too late if you ask me. We all would have taken preventative measures had we know sooner. Now the building is infested.

It may be a beautiful, new building, but there is a serious problem and potential renters should be forewarned.

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For months we were getting bitten, and thought it was mosquitos until a lot of chatter in the bldg got to us about bed bugs infiltrating the bldg...apparently we were one of the last to know.

This is a luxury building, only 2 years old, and tenants are being expected to pick up every cost except the actual extermination(s) and dog inspection.

From mattresses + pillows, to dry cleaning and prep, that cost is being forced upon tenants.

Do you happen to know what other agencies to report

this, as they are only treating tenants who have complained. Not adjacent apartments and certainly not in the same devastating upheavel as ours.

A note finally went out, but most people didn't read it and it was not proactive.

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