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Almost 4 months ago (at the end of August 2010) I got bedbugs in my apartment in London Terrace Gardens. After several treatments, the would not go away. Even though the building exterminator claimed not to see any signs of bedbugs in my apartment, I was still being bit. Only at my urging, did the building inspect my neighboring apartments and it turned out my downstairs neighbor had bedbugs. Only after the fact, did I learn that this tenant had been treated for bedbugs several weeks before I

first reported the issue. Only because I have been all over the buildings' management team, have they gone back to inspect for bedbugs downstairs, and the problem still persists. I have tried to have the building move me into another unit as I live in constant fear, but they want to increase my rent amongst other ridiculous conditions. The building has been negligent in their handling of this issue from the get go. BE WARE of London Terrace Gardens! There are bedbugs but the building will try to do anything to keep the issue quiet! As of December 27th, 2010, there are still bedbugs in and treatment still to be attempted...again.....

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