325 E 21st St
New York, NY 10010-6543

Found 4 reports:

Found 1 bedbug in Apt #1. Immediatley we started treatments. Haven't seen anymore and have no idea where it came from. Perhaps Apt 15 or 3...no traces since we started treatments. But will continue to live out of sealed bags until we know it's safe.

Apt 15 has confirmed that they've been dealing with bed bugs and have been getting treatments for them. A claim has been made that Apt 3 has had bed bugs that perhaps have gone untreated.

PEOPLE, if you get bed bugs, you NEED TO REPORT to Matel Realty, the managers of this building.
You have to go through the process of taking care of this and protecting yourself and others from a lot of trouble and strain. Not to mention what can become thousands of dollars in costs for laundry, etc.


d be courteous to others! Report these things! Let's everyone in the building work TOGETHER to stop this from happening as much as possible.

Bed bugs, to a certain extent, are unavoidable.
DDT, which wipes them out cold, was outlawed a few years ago. In urban areas, they spread like wildfire and they're difficult to completely stop.
However, being quiet about having them and not doing anything is a recipe for disaster. When they're treated before they get out of hand, there's a better chance of returning to normal life sooner and a better chance of keeping them at bay.


see full report...

Have discovered bed bugs in Apt 16. Glad to find another report only because have been wondering if others are experiencing these problems in this building. The realty company responded immediately and extermination is happening this coming Monday.
Have only seen one full grown bed bug, but found some eggs and larvae in a whole in the box spring (which was covered by a bed bug resistant cover, but they either chewed through or somehow got in through a crevice in the cover!).

Is anyone else

experiencing issues currently?

I've been nervous to randomly ask neighbors. Even though this is clearly rampant around here and in the East Side in general, there's still this awkward stigma attached to having bed bugs.

Creeped out in 325 E 21st

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Bed bugs were discovered in March of 2009 in apartment #12. Problem persisted for approximately 4 months but have since been eradicated. There have been no problems with bed bugs since June of 2009. To my knowledge, there have not been any other problems with bed bugs in any other units in this building, however, I have never asked my neighbors to find out.

No nearby bug reports