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Apt 8
After a 10 month hiatus bed bugs have returned in full force, this time worse. Have been informed by others in the building they also have them and have off and on for the past couple of years. Building owner/manager refuses to take care of them.

Continental Hotel - Dallas Tx sept 27, 2007

I found a couple of spots on me that looked like tiny blood blisters. One day found a strange bug in my bed, followed a couple of days later by another. Had never seen a bed bug before (they're a bed time story where I'm from) so didn't know what was happening. Called mom, good ol' trusty mom, she knows everything! She made the first suggestion. Upon speaking to my roommate I discovered he had seen a few here and there over the years but nothing had ever been done about it. I built a loft

bed, washed all the linen things in my room and problem seemed to go away.

Flash forward to June. I turn my t.v. on about once every 5 or 6 weeks. As I was reaching over to do this I notice a bug looking very similar to the two I found in my bed a few months ago and spent $1000 getting my bed off the ground and things less cluttered. Luckily the roommate was home so he could verify I wasn't making things up. Nothing was said from here. (Note: he's on the lease, I am not, I don't really exist here from the legal worlds point of view, and back in January he was told WE would be responsible for the extermination, a seemingly costly affair).

Flash forward again to two Thursdays ago, a couple of days after I returned from my vacation. I mistakenly believed that having been gone for a couple of weeks things would be better. Apparently, the lack of a regular meal brought my unwanted residents out full force and I was COVERED in the little red blood blisters. Thankfully I don't have any allergic reactions (yet) but I am now sitting up at 4:49 a.m b/c not only did I find 3 dead bed bugs on my floor this morning but I also found two lives ones. So I spent the day cleaning and preparing for the arrival of an exterminator hopefully in the next few days and as a precaution checked around my bed as I climbed in one last time (I'm 8' off the ground and yes, it's on metal legs, but the platform is made from plywood, lots of nice crevaces and cracks), whereupon one of these horrible things goes scurrying in to my book.

I'm completely freaked out. I've got plans for all day tomorrow that I can't really back out of but I haven't been to bed b/c I don't want to willingly be a meal for these disgusting things.

Know also that there aren't the droppings anywhere on my mattress, never have been, but I have seen the blood spots on my cream colored sheets.

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