55 W 26th St
New York, NY 10010-1003

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Do you know which apartment on the 12th floor had them? Thanks.

An apartment on floor 12 had them also. It was treated.

Bed Bug truck outside building AGAIN today - 9/17

August 1, 2010. Landlord had dogs come and inspect apartments on floor 7 and 17 for bedbugs. Understand that they had arrived in apartments through two separate tenants that worked at the same hospital.

anyone here know if there are still bed bugs in our building? saw an exterminator outside our building about 1 month ago, but wasn't able to find which apt/floor they were treating

Would like to know if anyone has any further update on this report!!

The landlord brought a dog sniffer to detect bed bugs on the 24th floor due to what we were told was a precaution because of bed bug infestation on an adjacent floor.

The dog detected bed bugs in both beds in our 24th floor apartment. They refused to indicate how many other apartments on the 24th floor were infested.

Apparently the bed bugs have spread from the 25th floor to at least one apartment in the 24th (that I have personal knowledge of). I can only imagine how extensive the true s

tate of the infestation is.

No public notificationshave been mae to residents of the building to date.

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There are bedbugs on floors 11, 16 and 25 at The Capitol. The manager claims that they are the fault of the owners apartments and will only exterminate those apartments. They do not alert the rest of the building or even the individual floors of the situation. Management also took 8 full days to come exterminate an apartment on the 25th floor, and their only excuse was that the company they use was "busy". Management is also telling residents that bedbugs do not spread to other apartments so the

y will not exterminate neighboring apartments.

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