20 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

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I got bit 2 days post - caribbean high end catamaran trip...bites all over my upper thighs and arms.

It's awful, NYC living makes it more terrifying than it has to be. Everything is a hassle- laundry room in basement, ugly green walls, weak dryers.

I'm a jumble of zip loc bags and laundry that starts off organized and arranges in shambles. I run out of xxl jumbo zip loc bags constantly, they're expensive and i can never have enough.

I spray 99% alcohol on all of my leather shoes

and any shoe for that matter. It's been about 2 weeks and I'm forcing the exterminator in for the 2nd visit, although I'm having trouble telling whether I'm being bitten anymore since I sedate with ambien before bed. I wrapped and tossed my bed and bed frame and now sleep on an aeromattress which I'm not sure can be infested as well.

This sucks. My landlord wouldn't allow me to research a PCO so I got one myself, she said she would pay half, but who knows.

I guess i'll have to take more care to memorize my hundreds of bites/scratches and reassess then. ALso not easy! It's also a studio, and I think the couch and books that are wrapped should go next.

i'm tired!

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