170 E 2nd St
New York, NY 10009-7740

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Hey Greg- I just moved in... haven't seen one yet. Any updates?

Hi, im Greg. I live here on the fourth floor at 170 e2nd st. No doubt, we have them. So does my next door neighbor. So do the people upstairs & downstairs. It is not cool. I first noticed the bites in late May, after having been here for about 3 months. It took me a while to figure it out because i have never had a single issue with bed bugs in 28 years (whole life) of living in nyc. So, i clearly didnt bring them here. 311 ? Not much help. They sent someone here at about 3pm a week or so later

(BB's are nocturnal) who said "he couldnt write a report unless he physically saw BB's". It was like he was double parked & had better things to do on a nice summer day. No joke! So i didnt have an infestation, but i knew they were entering from another apt. Finally i caught one, crawling out of a door frame in my bedroom. They are living in the cracks & floorboards.

While wearing a mask, I sprayed this powder junk from the hardware store that kills BB's all over the apt. This junk was very hard to vacume up. Not fun in 95 degree heat. Low and behold, the very next day, my next door neighbor found BB's. So this is a building issue. We all know how much it costs for pro exterminators to solve this...an arm and a leg! Not an option.The owner is of no help. He said that the BB's are not here & that no one had even complained. Both lies. Clearly a professional! In fact when i confronted him, he told me they were roaches & that i was crazy! Maybe i am, but i know a roach when i see one.The truth is, multiple people have complained to him. He needs to bomb the building! Im in a 2yr lease & out of work. This plus the BB's make life here at 170 e2nd st. more stressfull than it should be. Especially when u are not even comfortable in your own house.

With no work & a lot of free time on my hands, i will make it my point to do all within my power to see that the owner bombs this address for BB's ASAP. In the prosess, reporting every single structural violation in the 35+ unit building (there are a bunch) to 311. I want him to get fined so much that he is forced to declare bankruptcy & sell the buinding to someone who takes care of it & its inhabitants. The BB's are horrible & the landlord is similar in that they are both bloodsuckers! When the world poops on him, i hope to be standing there laughing uncontrolably!!!! But with the way this world works, this slumlord will probably continue to thrive. What a beautifull world! :) Greg

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UPDATE: Landlord eventually agreed to pay for a better-quality exterminator. The exterminator came 4 times over the course of a 3 month period. The bedbugs abated somewhat, but they may still be there. I no longer live in the building. It seems to be isolated to 1 unit, as no other residents have complained.

Have had bedbugs in apartment for approximately 6 months. Notified landlord in writing as well as preserved bedbug in plastic bag to show exterminator.

Gave landlord and exterminator recommendation but he insisted on using his own.

Exterminator came during the day while I was at work and left a barely legible and horribly misspelled note saying that I did *not* in fact have bedbugs. He also took the sample bedbug in the bag.

He threw down a few sticky paper traps in the bedroom and that

was the extent of his services.

I'm in the process of saving money for a real exterminator instead of banking on this joke of an exterminator the landlord is providing.

I have no idea where the bedbugs came from. I am on the 5th floor.

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