126 E 7th St
New York, NY 10009-6164

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This bed bug ridden building and landlord has ruined my poor friend's life and I just had to report it regardless of the fact that she was intimidated by the landlord, who had been shady on numerous occasion. Her apartment was ridden with bed bugs since the first summer of her moving in. The bed bugs only appeared in the summer and were supposedly treated. However by the third summer, the bed bugs had appeared all over one side of the apartment. She had to replace everything after the incompeten

t exterminator came in four times. She got ill from the treatment and spent well over $4K trying to replace and thoroughly clean everything, none of which she was reimbursed. In fact, she was charged after the landlord swore he had no interest in taking her money unless it was rightfully his. Well I don't know what he considers rightfully his, but he definitely took her for all the poor girl was worth and she was in such a state of anxiety that she did not even fight it. What is even more disgusting is the fact that the landlord had just gotten busted for medicaid fraud and was arguing over what justifies payment... oh and until her last night in the apartment the poor girl got bitten. Terrible.

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