412 E 9th St
New York, NY 10009-4944

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The above statement is not true. I have been living here for almost 5 years and have had no problem with the landlord. Amazing man who is very understandable and cooperative. Maintains the building well. I only moved to relocate to philli. However I would have stayed there longer if was it wasn't necessary.

This building is absolutely infested with bedbugs. We lived there for 7 years- 5 of which were spent in constant battle with them. The landlord provided an exterminator who- although he was incredibly friendly- was powerless to solve the problem- mostly due to uncooperative tenants (our next door neighbor) who refused to allow him to treat. As a result- we were CONSTANTLY bombarding our apartment- and our respiratory systems, I'm sure... Not only is the building completely infested- it is also

collapsing. Several years ago they removed the load bearing wall in the basement to accommodate a restaurant. It has apparently been "jacked", yet our ceiling continued to sink at an alarming rate. And the landlord sucks. All around- it's a crappy place to live.

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