14 Stuyvesant Ovl
New York, NY 10009-2252

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6th floor 14 Stuy Oval

My initial call was on 11/1/11, but the exterminator didnt look far enough. There were two men who visited on 11/1/11, and the elder one said I had cigarette beatles, but the younger one looked very worried. I called again, and this time only the younger man came, and I was confirmed having cigarette beatles and as positive for bedbugs on 12/13/11 in the bedroom, where there are several cracks above the baseboard and also there is an old telephone jack in the baseboar


Probably, my wooden headboard will have to go. First course of treatment will be 12/20/11, with follow up after New Years Day

Stuy Town has changed management several times the past few years, and the latest management really has been busy cleaning up the mess left behind. They have a 5-page procedure in place and the local hardware has a very ample supply of plastic bags.

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Found them in the kids' rooms on 10/30/11. Confirmed by inspector the next day, have first of at least two exterminator visits scheduled for this Friday. What a pain.

apartment on 4th floor. treated by exterminator on 6/29, 7/13 and 7/27/09. bugs were confirmed by exterminator by catching in glue trap. Am hoping it was taken care of. Not aware if any other apartments in bldg are affected. Big nightmare.

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